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About Us

What we are about

K and L Wines is an Integrated platform where we offer our partner wineries the opportunity to share in the running of our business through full cooperation.

Our cooperative models allows our partners to have a say and a steer in which products they would like to have represented in the UK, how much they should charge, through which channels they should be made available and how they are marketed.

We do not provide a “one size fits all” but we work each with winery to understand what they measure as success and help them to achieve exactly that.

We at K and L Wines recognise that behind every bottle of wine are people and families with aspirations for themselves and their children; to be better people than they where yesterday. It is this that is the bedrock of our underlying Values that we share with our sister company Consolidated Wines Ltd



Hard Work


We are truly proud of the effort we have made in the sustainability of our own company in the UK. We use only recycled or recyclable packaging and stationery. We have reduced our paper usage by 75% through the implementation of fully integrated work flow systems. The building we are situated in is almost 100% self sufficient in its demand for electricity through the extensive use of self-generated solar energy.

Every day, we too need to be better than yesterday.

Gavin Murphy


Our history

  For the past 15 years, K and L Wines and Spirits have been providing the discerning wine buying trade and public with a selection of boutique wines made to the highest standard. We specialise in South African, Argentine and American Wines  All the wines represented are carefully selected and personally evaluated by our panel of wine experts and enthusiasts. We specialise in the supply of a unique range of exclusive wines to the markets of the United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Benelux countries. K and L Wines and Spirits UK is a direct importer so you are assured of the best possible prices. K and L Wines Online presents you with the opportunity to access these exclusive wines. 

K and L Wines and Spirits UK Ltd – Importers and Distributors of Great and Award Winning Wines

K and L Wines and Spirits South Africa was established in 1999 by liquor marketing icon BJ Lankwarden and traded successfully for a number of years. In 2002 the company was bought by a small consortium, which spearheaded significant growth in the South African market.  

K and L Wines and Spirits UK is now established and supplying the UK market with our balanced portfolio of great wines.

"K and L Wines and Spirits' vision is to bring Choice and Enjoyment to the wine loving public who are yearning for something a little different"

BJ Lankwarden .. CIRCA 1999